What does Catalonia taste like?

The kitchen is the landscape brought to the casserole

This week, Catalunya Turisme’s campaign to promote our territory called out our attention. The great number of opportunities it offers creates as much Catalonias as experiences lived and they have used different characters to describe each story. The video we have chosen is the one by the Roca brothers, chefs of the best restaurant in the world: El Celler de Can Roca. For them, Catalonia tastes like “picada”, “sofirto”, sea and mountain, salty and sweet. Josep Pla, a Catalan writer, said “The kitchen is the landscape led to the casserole”.

Our culture and roots live in our kitchen, a cuisine that combines the essence of the Mediterranean and the Vanguard gastronomy. Would you like to taste it? Take a look and discover some of what we can offer.




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Would you like to taste the best meat in the world?

In a small town of Castilla y León, located in the northwest area of the Iberian peninsula, we find “El Capricho”, a gastronomic point where people from all over the world come over to taste their meat, after the prestigious Time magazine qualified it as “the best meat in the world”.