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Jewish history of Girona and Besalú

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Through this full-day tour we will discover the Jewish past of Girona, a monumental city with one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in Europe and Besalú, a beautiful fortified medieval village dating from the eleventh and twelfth centuries. First we will head to Girona, where after visiting one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the world and enjoying the colourful spectacle of the houses next to the River Onyar, we will enter the Jewish quarter (“el Call”), a maze of cobbled streets that retain the important Jewish traces still left in the city. Here we will visit the Museum of Jewish History, museum dedicated to the history of the Jewish community of Girona since the 11th century until their expulsion in the 15th century. After that we will go to the village of Besalú, declared a site of national artistic and historical interest in 1966. Its historic centre clearly expresses the grandeur of its past. Among other places we will visit the old flour mill, the Portal dels Horts, the Hospital de Sant Julià or the Church of Santa Maria. As could not be otherwise we will also discover the Jewish Quarter, where we will find the old Synagogue and the Miqvé (the ancient baths that the Jews used for the purification of the body). Finally, we will contemplate the impressive fortified bridge and visit the Monastery of Sant Pere.

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