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A journey into the Sierra de Aracena

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In the northwest of Seville, we can find the Sierra de Huelva, homeland of the Iberian pig. We will travel through the picturesque hilltop towns around Aracena & Jabugo until we arrive at a private, family-run pig farm. Here we will be met by a family member and receive a personal tour of the grounds and facilities, learning about the breeding and production of Spain’s favourite and most coveted animal: the Iberian pig. We will visit the acorn filled land where the pigs graze, the salting area and the bodegas where the jamones are hung to cure. Our host will treat us to a tasting of freshly cut jamón, after which we will travel to a local village and visit one of the legendary jamón shops of the area. There will be further opportunities to try local delicacies and learn more about their preparation before walking to a nearby restaurant to enjoy a sumptuous taster meal of local meats and other products, washed down with fine wine. After lunch a leisurely walk with spectacular panoramic views will aid digestion before returning to Seville.

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