Why should you visit Catalonia?

Arte, gastronomía y arquitectura en un destino

In this blog entry we become hosts because we consider that Catalonia has also a bit of ourselves. We want to introduce our hometown and make you discover the magic of our land, an area that has the privilege of extending the UNESCO World Heritage list with Gaudi’s works, the archaeological site of Tarragona, the monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet and the Romanesque churches in the Vall de Boi among others. So, even though in this post we won’t be able to include all the reasons why you have to visit Catalonia, pay attention to some of them …

For its history

We go back to the counties of the Carolingian Empire and the later Middle Ages to shape the region of Catalonia. Still, in the area of Empúries, the ruins that date back to the first settlements of the Greeks and Romans are preserved. All our capitals maintain architectural elements of the different towns that have settled in each area in order for you to always find routes framing your favorite historical events.

For its culture

The historical legacy of the territory has built an area with a huge cultural value. Philosophers, historians, musicians and artists born in Catalonia exported their talent and magnified the legacy of the area. Among others, we include personalities like Gaudí, Picasso, Ramon Llull, Dali, Pau Casals, Vicente Ferrer …

For its gastronomy

Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most prized worldwide and the number of Michelin stars found in our region ensures first-rated restaurants. El Celler de Can Roca or the Adrià brothers have placed Catalonia in everyones eyes but we also find plenty of both traditional and creative culinary proposals. On the other hand, there are many travelers who choose this area for wine tasting, thus the area of el Priorat and el Penedès have the best wineries.

For its landscape

Another of our attractions is the landscape we have, with proposals for all tastes. The Catalan coast has hidden coves where you can get carried away during the holidays. In addition, just two hours away from the capital, we find the Pyrenees area in which you will enjoy the mountains both during summer and winter. The Montseny Natural Park is part of the global network of biosphere reserves and the Montserrat mountain is unique in the world.

For our Sports legends

Who has not heard of Barça? Our best sport ambassador is one of the best football clubs in the world but we also have athletes who have won international recognition such as Pau Gasol, Jorge Lorenzo, Rafa Nadal, Mireia Belmonte or Gemma Mengual.

For these and countless other reasons we want to welcome you and show you the best parts of our land, choosing what best suits your interests. If you want to know more please click here and contact us through info@mimusa.pro, we are eager to organize your trip!





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