The excellence of Boca Chica’s Cocktails has been awarded

Exclusive Barcelona bar in the Top Ten of Spanish cocktails.

Boca Chica’s Team is in luck and this is so because they have been awarded at national level in three categories for the excellence on the elaboration of their cocktails. This has positioned this exclusive bar from Barcelona in the Top Ten of the Spanish cocktail bars.

The renowned restaurant Boca Grande, located at the Passatge de la Concepció, is divided into four floors and decorated with the characteristic taste of Lázaro Rosa Violán,. One of these floors is occupied by the cocktail bar Boca Chica. Furniture and details from around the world are distributed to convey a sense of solemnity and welfare.

These awards have been the result of the hard work in which Sergio Padilla’s team has been immersed in, the exquisiteness of all of the products used on each cocktail, the impeccable presentation and the successful culinary pairings.

Firstly, Adolfo Rodriguez has been distinguished as the Best Bartender of Spain in Schweppes’ 2014 MasterClass in the category of gin tonic. This cocktail, called “Infusion “, is a tribute to Jacob Schweppes, creator of the tonic and jeweler by profession. The elaboration of the cocktail is really surprising, prepared inside a small lamp such as the one of Aladdin, the tea is infused with gold powder and -85 C ° dry ice and it’s culminated with a touch of grapefruit flavor.

For its part, barwoman Natalia Garcia has been distinguished with the Challenge Bar Chef in cocktail pairing. Boca Grande has recently introduced in its offer the possibility of pairing food and cocktails becoming thereby one of the few restaurants in Barcelona with this proposal.

Finally, Anna Rodriguez has gained the International Mediterranean Inspirations Competition with her healthy cocktails. The winner surprised with her version of the classic Bloody Mare, named “Bloody Sun” and prepared with Gin Mare, tomato juice, carrot juice and brine of Arbequine olive, ideal to boost our tan in a healthy way.

Besides the awarded cocktails, Boca Chica also offers a wide variety of unique cocktails such as “Memorias del Ebre ” made with Catalan sake cream and spiced with artisan sugar cinnamon and vanilla, a reversion of the classic sangria named “El Santo Grial“, or “el Born ” a refreshing combination of Gin Mare, sweet vermouth infused with basil leaves and natural cherry juice.




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