Join us to see the treasures that Modernism has left us

Catalonia was undoubtedly the cradle of Modernism, a cultural, artistic and architectural movement that has left its mark on the current relief of the city of Barcelona, ​​and that is that some of the most emblematic and visited buildings in the city, such as La Pedrera, the Palau de la Música or La Sagrada Familia, were created at this time. But there are many more treasures that Modernism has left us and that little by little they are recovering so that everyone who visits Barcelona can enjoy them. A good example is the recently restored Modernist Complex of Sant Pau that in 1997 was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The work of Lluís Domènech i Montaner and his son (who took over the project after the death of his father), the Sant Pau Modernist Complex is one of the most impressive architectural complexes in the city, which was inaugurated in 1930. An urban complex (headquarters of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau for more than 80 years), which occupies a 3 × 3 block grid, consisting of an administrative building and 27 pavilions interconnected through a system of underground tunnels through which the patients could be transferred.

Ahead of his time by considering health in a holistic sense, nature, sunlight and natural ventilation were integrated into the recovery process of patients. At an architectural level, it is a work of authority, functional and innovative, of an evident beauty and very different from anything the city had seen before in terms of health care.

In 2009 the last medical procedures were carried out to give rise to the restoration process of this site considered of cultural interest, in order to adapt it so that it can be visited by anyone who wants to discover a little more of the Modernist history of Barcelona . With this project the latest technological innovations and sustainable energy-saving materials have been incorporated. Gradually the pavilions will be occupied by education, sustainability and health entities such as The United Nations University, the Global Water Operators Partnership Alliance or the World Health Organization, among others, thus becoming a space for research and knowledge .

If you want to discover this and other buildings of the time, our specialized guide on the subject will accompany us and explain various anecdotes and curiosities that will make the tour like a brief trip in the early 19th century!




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