How do we build a dream?

Quiénes somos y qué hacemos cada vez que nos escribes

We love our job and although this might sound pretentious, we are convinced that our work is based on designing dreams. Nevertheless, a dream can only be built if there is a team behind that knows about your tastes, interests and ambitions. This post is written for you to know firsthand who we are, what we do every time you write us and make you understand the process of each request for you to see how we design your customized trip.

1. Application form

You write us and we discover what you want to do. We know if you are traveling with your family during holidays, whether your stay is linked to an important meeting in the city or if it is a honeymoon trip. This helps us understand the purpose of the trip and our approach begins to be built according to the request.

2. Questions

After understanding your request, Pablo and Oscar, partners and specialists in designing experiences e-mail you with a series of questions that will define a little better what intentions you have during your stay. In addition, they will send you a first proposals that has to do with the form you’ve filled in. It will be only a first idea through which we will continue building the whole trip!

3. Trip Design

With the understanding of these points, we begin to have a quite accurate idea of what you want and by e-mail, skype or phone call we will define the details and changes you wish for your personalized stay. We want you to be involved in the construction of the trip but from a comfortable position. We are the ones responsible of comparing prices, talking to suppliers and seeking the best proposals. Your only job is to decide what you like and what you don’t!

4. Confirmation of the trip

You are convinced of the result and we are too so now is the time of confirming the reservations of all services and itineraries you decided to choose. We will also send you a personalized guide for you to dream of what is yet to come. The currency used, how to prepare your suitcase, weather at your destination … Your journey has begun!

5. During your trip

You begin to live your experience and discover that you would love to sail along the coast but have not mentioned it on your first booking. Don’t worry, our team is available throughout your stay to answer any questions, make changes or add more experience to your journey. We do not want you to miss anything so call us and we will try to assist you with whatever you need during your stay.

We never find two equal travelers so we won’t design two equal trips! We adapt to the tastes of each one of you and know how to find the best offers for every occasion. So trust us because behind every journey is a person who fully knows in detail all the itineraries you are about to experience. Do you dare to try? Contact us through the form and be prepared to start the best trip of your life.




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