Hofmann, a journey through the elite of mediterranean cuisine

Quality menus that we can taste in its restaurants and pastry shops.

The most prestigious cooking school in Barcelona, introduces a unique journey through the highest level of mediterranean cuisine.

Warning for foodies, our pursuit for making your stay remarkable brings us to introduce you experiences like this one. Well, this is what happens when Premium Traveler and Hofmann meet. It’s about an exceptional trip through the elite of cooking schools, a great opportunity to understand what happens around their kitchens. The best professionals become teachers and, in a modern and functional workplace, we discover the theory and practice of the culinary science.

Hofmann doesn’t only dedicate themselves to train the best professionals, but it also offers the highest quality menus that we can further on savor in their restaurants and patisseries. With them, we will have the opportunity to enjoy a gastronomic route accompained by the best chefs.

The nerve center of Hofmann is in it’s cooking school, a space created by chef Mey Hofmann (award-winner of a Michelin star in 2004), who decides to establish in Barcelona after years of hard work in the best cuisines. This work place is the very first step in order to discover the pleasure of cooking, the enormous respect for raw materials, and the opportunity to learn about the preparation process of the plates we will further on taste.

After a first experience in their cuisines, the extra fine butter aroma that covers a freshly baked croissant calls out our attention. We are about to enter our next stop, the Hofmann Patisserie, the perfect place for all those enthusiasts about sweet deserts. There, we enjoy a small tasting guided by a chef who explains us about their creativity process.

We leave the patisserie and use the time to wander around the neighborhood until we meet “la Seca”. Other than being an emblematic building in the city, it offers us a catalan “vermouth” before lunch. Now, we are all set to enjoy a set of creative dishes that are fully aware of catalan traditions either in “La Taverna” or in “El Restaurant”. There, we will discover their contemporary philosophy under the Hofmann signature, a brand full of creative productions that always respects the Catalan cuisine.

If we have whet your apetite and you are thinking about participating in this activity, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website. Don’t miss this opportunity, an obligated stop for all those lovers of good cuisine under the mediterranean label.

Phone: +34 93 222 55 10




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