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At Premium Traveler Barcelona, we believe there’s no better way to reconnect with oneself and the planet than by immersing in the majesty of nature. Spain, with its diverse landscapes, offers unique opportunities for exploration and wonder. We invite you to discover the natural beauty of Spain through our private tours of some of the country’s most stunning national parks.

Nature provides an endless source of wonders, and in Spain, these natural treasures manifest in its breathtaking national parks. Premium Traveler Barcelona invites you to explore these landscapes through private tours designed to fully immerse you in the beauty and tranquility of the natural surroundings, providing experiences that not only rejuvenate the body but also the soul.


Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park

Experience the grandeur of the Aragonese Pyrenees in Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. This natural treasure, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a spectacle of glaciers, waterfalls, and canyons that will leave you breathless. Our private tours will guide you through serene trails and panoramic views, with the opportunity to spot the park’s rich fauna, including the bearded vulture, a majestic bird of prey.

An Epic Adventure in the Heart of the Pyrenees

Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park stands as a giant among Spain’s natural wonders. With glacial valleys that cut deeply into the landscape and peaks that defy the sky, this park offers a variety of hiking routes promising epic adventures. Our personalized tours take you beyond the beaten paths, allowing you to discover hidden waterfalls, ancient forests, and spectacular viewpoints under the expert guidance of our local guides. It’s an opportunity to completely disconnect and immerse yourself in the majesty of the Pyrenees.


Doñana National Park

Explore one of Europe’s most important wetlands in Doñana National Park. This paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers is the perfect place to disconnect and immerse yourself in biodiversity. From mobile dunes to marshlands that host countless species of migratory birds, our tours offer an unforgettable experience, connecting you with the pure essence of nature.

A Sanctuary of Biodiversity

Recognized as one of the world’s most important wetlands, Doñana National Park is a sanctuary for thousands of migratory birds and endemic species. Our tours offer you the opportunity to delve into this unique ecosystem through personalized experiences that include photographic safaris and birdwatching. The tranquility of the marshes and the beauty of the pristine beaches create the perfect setting for a day of exploration and discovery, where the connection with nature becomes the true luxury.


Timanfaya National Park

Immerse yourself in the lunar landscape of Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote. Volcanic eruptions have created a unique environment that will transport you to another world. Our private tours allow you to explore this Martian landscape, where you can learn about volcanic geology and the adaptation of life in extreme conditions. It’s an opportunity to admire the strength and beauty of our planet.

Between Volcanoes and Legends

Timanfaya National Park, with its volcanic landscape, offers an almost otherworldly experience. Our tours explore this “Sea of Lava,” providing insights into the formation of the Canary Islands and the volcanic force that shaped this landscape. The experience is enriched with geothermal demonstrations that reveal the power lying beneath your feet, and routes that take you through lava fields and craters, offering a unique insight into the beauty and ferocity of nature.


Sierra de Guadarrama National Park

On the doorstep of Madrid, Sierra de Guadarrama National Park offers a spectacular natural refuge. With its snow-capped peaks, forests of Scots pine, and glacial lagoons, this park is the perfect setting for hiking and photography enthusiasts. Our personalized tours will guide you through its most impressive landscapes, offering you a deeply connected experience with nature.

A Natural Oasis Near the Capital

Just a stone’s throw from Madrid, Sierra de Guadarrama National Park offers a refreshing escape from urban life. This park, with its majestic mountains, hidden valleys, and pine forests, is a paradise for trekking and nature lovers. Our tours are designed to cater to all skill levels, offering everything from gentle nature walks to challenging ascents, each guided by experts who share their love and knowledge of the area.


With Premium Traveler Barcelona, every step you take in Spain’s national parks is an opportunity to connect with nature in a deep and meaningful way. We invite you to discover these natural sanctuaries with us, where adventure and contemplation come together to create unforgettable experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is prior hiking experience required to participate in the tours?

No, we offer tours tailored to all levels of experience and fitness, ensuring an accessible and enjoyable adventure for everyone.


How is safety ensured during the tours?

Safety is our priority. All our tours are led by expert guides and are conducted following the best safety practices, always adapting to terrain and weather conditions.


Can tours be customized for private groups or families?

Absolutely. We customize each tour to meet the needs and interests of your group, creating unique experiences that strengthen bonds and leave lasting memories.


What is the level of difficulty of the tours through the national parks?

We offer tours tailored to all levels of difficulty, from gentle family walks to more challenging hiking routes for experienced adventurers. We always ensure that the experience matches the abilities and expectations of our clients.


Can tours be customized to include specific interests?

Absolutely. Whether your interest lies in photography, birdwatching, natural history, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings, we can customize tours to include your interests and ensure a truly memorable experience.


How are sustainability considerations handled in the tours?

At Premium Traveler Barcelona, we are committed to the conservation of the natural environments we explore. We practice and promote responsible tourism, ensuring that our tours minimize environmental impact and contribute to the preservation of these precious ecosystems for future generations.


At Premium Traveler Barcelona, we invite you to feel the adventure and marvel at the natural beauty of Spain. Our private tours of national parks are designed to offer you a unique experience, where nature becomes the stage for unforgettable moments. Join us and let the palate of your soul celebrate the majesty of nature.




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