7 Tips to make your flight more comfortable

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For those traveling once a year during holidays, for workers who use the plane as a second office, and for the ones who travel as often as they can when work allows. Should we pay more attention when choosing a particular airline? What luggage should we buy? Here are some tips that will make your trip more comfortable.

Pay attention with what airline you book your ticket. In either Business or Economy, the airline can make the difference during your trip. Emirates, for example, has made an upgrade in all classes. Among other services, it offers hot towels for personal hygiene, ear plugs, eye mask, pillows and blankets. In addition, some planes have power supply for computers and wi-fi. For passengers in Business and First Class, the company also offers a personal chauffeur service and menus worthy of the best restaurants.

Each Emirates Business menu features five full courses.

Download the application from the airline you’re flying with. It will help your trip to be more comfortable. You can check the status of your flight, see the boarding gate and may even avoid you to print the boarding pass. If you’re a frequent traveler, check out the loyalty cards, you will be able to accumulate credit that can become advantages for your next trip.

Invest in a good luggage and travel light, especially if you travel often. There is nothing better than carrying a comfortable and resistant suitcase, with wheels that work and with enough capacity to fill it up with whatever you need. We recommend Rimowa and Samsonite suitcases.

Get tired. Yes, you’ve read correctly. Before starting a long flight try to work, play sports or speed up your metabolism in some other way. Whenever you sit down, your body will be physically exhausted and will have the need to relax and enjoy the flight.

Most of long distance planes have tea, coffee and beverage service during all the flight.

Carry a good book or movie. Increasingly, transatlantic flights have individual TVs with a full menu of movies and television series. Both a good book or an engaging movie can make your trip a good time to relax and enjoy.

Wear loose, comfortable clothes and layers. Under air pressure, legs and feet swell and tight garments limit body movements and press the skin. The air conditioning is also usually intense so a scarf and a good jersey can avoid landing with a cold.

Finally, our most important advice is not to hurry. If we go on vacation, the destination of this flight becomes a paradise, and even if we travel for business, the flight is only a formality. Avoid the clock and let time flow.

Premium Traveler Barcelona wishes you a pleasant flight!

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