Would you like to taste the best meat in the world?

The gastronomic proposal offered by the restaurant revolves around beef

In a small town of Castilla y León, located in the northwest area of the Iberian peninsula, we find “El Capricho”, a gastronomic point where people from all over the world come over to taste their meat, after the prestigious Time magazine qualified it as “the best meat in the world”.

At Premium Traveler Barcelona we have had the privilege of enjoying it recently and can guarantee that eating at “El Capricho” is a unique experience that we will hardly forget. Thus, we strongly recommend this experience for all food lovers who travel searching the finest local restaurants in the world.

The gastronomic proposal offered by this restaurant turns around the beef, being specialized in “cecina”, “morzilla”, cow’s tongue and of course, chops, always being able to choose between the maturation of the meat. The secret of its meat is in the oxes selected by Jose Gordón, owner of the restaurant and obsessed by the elegance and the nobility of these animals. In fact, he travels all around the Iberian peninsula searching for the best oxes and old cows, often with the purpose of not extinguishing some native breeds. He then moves the selected oxes to a natural space, with no buzz or cables, where the client can walk around during his visit.

The restaurant is located in an underground cellar, with black walls, a special lighting and with an evident meat and oak smell. It creates the perfect environment to enjoy dishes in which the maximam quality raw material takes the leading role. If we are lucky Jose Gordón, owner of this project, will be in charge of cutting the meat at the same table while he explains some of the secrets of the dishes he serves us.

Would you like to live the privilege of tasting the best meat in the world? At Premium Traveler Barcelona we can organize your trip. El Capricho is located 30 minutes from León and 2.5 hours from Madrid (by car), so you will be able to ride from Madrid, eat in the restaurant and continue your journey around the beautiful north-western area of Spain.




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