Travel to Brazil with Alquimia Fogo

Utilizando su variada gastronomía como hilo conductor pero también consiguiendo entender cuándo se come

Can you imagine traveling to Brazil without the need of booking plane tickets? Well, this is what happened in the Alquimia Fogo restaurant where through a tasting menu prepared by chef Joao Alcantara, they surprised us from the first bite. Much more than a fancy dinner, we visited Brazil through its culture and traditions.

In fact, Alquimia Fogo is definitely this, about traveling to Brazil for a while by using their varied cuisine as a thread but also about getting to understand when, how and why the flavors are mixed in each area. There is a real harmony between the technicality of each dish, perfectly prepared with different cooking methods, and the importance of raw materials. Thus, through a tasting menu of either 10 or 14 dishes (according to your choice), we met Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, the first areas that the chef wanted to move to Barcelona in order to introduce Brazilian cuisine.

Yuca, feijoada, tapioca, pao de queijo … all these ingredients are mixed in complex elaborations but become simply understandable on the palate. It is a fine dining restaurant that doesn’t renounce to the authentic Brazilian flavors and which also does winks at the local Catalan culture, as with their Açai gazpacho.

Creative, popular but very well prepared cuisine is mixed with an informal atmosphere where diners interact with the chef. “If you do not like the dishes, stand up and tell the cook!” said Joao with a smile for us to relax and enjoy a dinner with no formalities.  The idea is to carry us directly to the Brazilian culture and traditions, as a way to teach us how food is included in their everyday life.

We don’t want to reveal much more because the Alquimia Fogo team will tell you everything you need to know in order for you to travel to Brazilian territory! For more information or reservations contact us through Bom proveito!




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