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Barcelona Instagram Photo Tour

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We will organize and guide you on an Instagram Experience in Barcelona (ideal for couples, families and friends) that for sure will inspire you. Our local photographer, a girl from Barcelona who has worked for the fashion and advertising industry for more than ten years will guide you through the city and show you some of the most famous and photogenic spots (Gaudí workshops or el Born and the Gothic Quarter neighborhoods – depending on the route you choose) and some of our favorite places in the city (hidden cafes or amazing local shops). During the tour, she will teach you how to pose naturally to get the perfect IG picture and some tips for your shootings. Besides, she will introduce you wonderful stories of Barcelona, making you feel that you are traveling with a local friend and not just a photographer. After a maximum of 10 days of the tour, we will send you a link with the best selection of photos (from 20 to 30 edited images in high quality).

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