The Serras, a new luxury boutique hotel in Barcelona

A small monument in the middle of Barcelona's seafront

The Serras, a small monument in the maritime façade of Barcelona

Last January Hotel The Serras opened its doors in the Catalan capital. This is the first five star luxury hotel-boutique located in the maritime façade of Barcelona. A hotel which stands out for its discreet and informal luxury, for its fresh and urban design, for its personalized service and for offering the maximum comfort. Let’s dig into offerings of one of the best luxury accommodation in Barcelona.

The building dates from 1846 and was designed by architect Francesc Daniel Molina, who housed the first studio of Picasso in Barcelona. Despite the transformation of the building into a hotel the most significant constructive and stylistic elements of romantic classicism have been conserved, extolling the many beauties that are contemplated from different angles of the space.

From the balconies and windows of the 30 spacious rooms we can enjoy spectacular views of the sea and the port. These rooms are distributed in the four floors of the building, which are dedicated to four neighborhoods of Barcelona: Montjuïc, Gràcia, Poble Nou and Sarria.

The gastronomic offer of the hotel is provided by Marc Gascons, awarded a Michelin star, who has created the dishes and flavors of restaurant Informal by Marc Gascons and we can help you with restaurant bookings in one of Barcelona’s finest dining places.

The hotel also has a rooftop terrace with swimming pool and another one beside the port, all of them with LEED environmental certification.

Are you coming to Barcelona and would like to stay at The Serras Hotel? Contact us, we will help you with your reservation and much more to make your stay in the city unique and special.




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