The birth of Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter

What is Barcelona? A city with enormous heritage value

It is the center of the Roman city and the heart of Barcelona. Its streets are full of history and create a maze through which we discover how the city was formed. Do you visit Barcelona? After wandering around the Gothic Quarter with an expert guide, we are fully convinced that this neighborhood is a must stop in order to understand the city origins.

Precisely, the magic of this tour is Sonia, a guide and colleague that made us appreciate those places that we have unnoticed many times and are essential pieces to understand how we got to who we are today. What is Barcelona? A city with an enormous heritage value that still maintains the influence of all those people who have lived in it. Even us, who are born and raised in this city are unaware the amount of surprises that can be found within its walls!

Our first advice? Always look up! Get surprised by the details of the towers that rise in the Barcelona Cathedral, the impressive rosette window of Santa Maria del Mar or the gargoyles on a building lying in Calle Bisbe. In Plaza Sant Jaume you will learn about the political history of the city while diving inside la Generalitat de Catalunya and the Barcelona city council. You will cross through streets that still have architectural remains from the Romans, an aesthic that contrast with the design of luxury hotels that have built medieval fortifications inside. Getting closer to contemporary history, you will learn the most important events of the Spanish Civil War in Plaza Sant Felip Neri, presided by a church that keeps the holes caused by the bombing.

This journey through the beginnings of the city combines art, history, literature and, if you wish, gastronomy. Between visits we recommend a stop to taste some traditional tapas with a twist and a glass of Catalan wine in Bar del Pla.

Whether you stay for a weekend, a week, or maybe two, if you visit Barcelona you must know that in order to undestand the city the Gothic Quarter, hand to hand with one of our expert guides, is a must stop. Experience our history with us!

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