See and Understand

Understand and react to all these transformations of the modern world

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s a fact, but when the works of the best international photojournalists come together in a single exhibition, we see reality from an exclusive point of view. Under the slogan “See and Understand”, this year’s World Press Photo exhibition is a must stop. The organization introduces an exhibition of 134 pictures and 7 multimedia works from the winners of this international award.

The World Press Photo Foundation promotes the work of visual journalists through numerous activities around the world. Originated in 1955, when a group of Dutch photographers organized themselves to show their works, today it has become the most important contest of photo-journalistic reports.

This year, danish Mads Nissen has won the top prize with his work “Jon and Alex,” a photograph that captures in an intimate way a gay couple in St. Petersburg. It’s about a delicate image that sums up the fear that many people of this sexual condition go through while living in Russia. Among the winners there is room for such important issues as immigration crisis in Europe, the war in Ukraine and the Ebola epidemic.

Nowadays, when the press and photography are undergoing numerous changes, the competition aims to help both photojournalists and the audience in general in order to understand and react amongst all these changes.

World Press Photo: CCCB – November 12th to December 13th

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