Reality is not always what it looks like

Nada es lo que parece y no seremos nosotros quienes desvelaremos el secreto.

Our mind can betray us because the magic of senses can play tricks on us and make us confuse reality. What do we mean? That reality is no always what it seems. This is actually what we will experience in the next activity, a journey through the illusions created in our mind.

We entered Catalonia’s Academy of Medicine and enjoyed a glass of Catalan Cava at the entrance while an illusionist welcomed us with a magic trick. Rapidly, we started to notice that our eyes didn’t follow his hands and imagined that the rest of the night would be as disconcerting as it was until the moment. We then followed a guide who explained the history of the building, a unique space in which we learned everything about the beginnings of medicine and surgery in Catalonia. After one last trick, we guessed that dinner awaiting us would be as magical as the visit we had done.

And so it was. It’s hard to explain how you feel when you eat a tasting menu where nothing is what it looks like. In fact, it won’t be us who will reveal the secrets.  What looked like rice was actually something else, the cupcake was not sweet and dessert surprised us because our mind played a trick on us.

Intrigued? We encourage you to contact us, but not to explain more about this experience but to organize a completely different evening.





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