Feel wraped in softness in Cotton House Hotel

Con un estilo relajado pero contemporáneo y sofisticado.

As restless travelers, when we visit a new city we like to feel that everything has a story. Well, this is what actually happens when we get into the Cotton House Hotel Barcelona, a house inaugurated a year ago but that still surprises us every day. Reared in a building from the 19th century from la “Antigua Fundación Algodonera”, the hotel has maintained a large number of references of its textile heritage inside.

The interior designer of this project was Lázaro Rosa-Violán who decided to build a space that evoqued a relaxed but contemporary and sophisticated style. One of his musts was to incorporate all the necessary elements that ensure the most premium comfort and service to customers who expect luxury at its finest. But the greatest charm of this hotel to which we referred earlier is that cotton is the undisputed star. The owners have preserved original features of the property that adorn the building and every corner in the hotel evoke the same as the fabric does: softness, comfort, delicacy and naturalness. Following the style of stately classes of the rich Catalan industrial bourgeoisie, it maintains an imposing marble staircase, parquet flooring and boisieries delicate adorning ceilings, floors and walls.

When we get in, we reach a discreet but elegant atmosphere with colonial and sophisticated style. Its landscaped courtyard flees the bustle of the city and becomes a tempting plan for both guests and visitors. Both in the terrace and restaurant, you can enjoy dishes with local ingredients and top quality dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. Its name, “Batuar” comes from the machine that handles pressing cotton to remove all impurities. The bar service is uninterrupted from 7 am until midnight.

There are other hotel services that justify its 5 stars. Among them are a library, perfect for tea at midafternoon, a fitness center offering beauty treatments for guests, an outdoor pool overlooking Barcelona and a bespoke tailoring service. In addition, its 83 spacious rooms, 5 of which are suites, use cotton once again to evoke softness, confort and delicacy. Thus, the hotel is much more than a place to stay, it has become a place where you can afford to take care of yourself in cotton wool.

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