Art taught by artists

Edificios con proyectos arquitectónicos de referencia

International reference for its varied artistic offer, Barcelona hosts some of the most important museums in the world and receives unique expositions only presented in very selected spaces. In Premium Traveler Barcelona we have not only visited the best exhibitions of the main artistic centers but we seek unique works of private galleries, prepare the best itineraries of reference architectural buildings and constantly design routes for the most creative minds.

Thus, we want you to dive into one of the European art capitals to show you the constant evolution the city is exposed to in addition to open you the doors of the most private exhibitions. There are spaces dedicated to contemporary and classical art, antiques and photography and we know curators who gather works of national, international, established and young artists. We have also designed routes for you to meet the most emblematic buildings of the twentieth century and which have become symbols of our city skyline. All this is complemented by our constant visits to designer shops, both interior design, product, fashion and accessories design. The offer is as varied as the tastes of each consumer, but we know what to choose in order to fit your expectations.

We collaborate with specialized guides working in the art world and who live art daily, following the latest trends. How do you feel about sharing your experience with an architect in front of the Agbar Tower, visit a Tapies work on the first floor of a private gallery while the curator tells you about his background or even wander around the streets of Borne district and meet emerging fashion designers who have decided to open their ateliers in the coolest neighborhood in the city?

Are you one of those searching for the latest art trends? Contact us and we will guide you through corners that will surprise you. For more information click on this link or write to





They were born as an alternative to large hotel chains, whose standards are repeated in every city. Nowadays, they have become popular in major capitals and are perfect for discerning when it comes to find a good place for sleeping. Boutique hotels are places with personality, character and style.

You will discover the most beautiful side of Barcelona this way!

If you like running and you are staying in Barcelona, here is the best way to discover the city. The Carretera de les Aigües is a 10-kilometer road located in the Collserola Natural Park, a beautiful green area a couple minutes away from the city center.