Art in Barcelona

Would you like to spend a day with an expert and passionate about the world of art?

For all those art lovers who wish visiting Barcelona from another point of view… We have a very special day prepared for you!

Certainly Barcelona has always been one of the Capitals for Art, due to its dynamism and constant evolution. An endless number of spaces dedicated to the exposition and divulgation of art in all its tracks (contemporary, classic, artistic) exist in the city. In these spots the work of both local and international renowned artists is exhibited, but we also find the works of new artists who are trying to find their place in this world. They all have a place and feel well received in our city!

Do you feel like spending a day with an expert and passionate about art? In hand with her we will walk around some of the areas with more artistic culture per square meter of Barcelona. Along the route we will visit beautiful galleries and art studios, foundations with valuable private collections and temporary exhibitions. Additionally, we’ll have the chance of meeting an artist or gallery owner, with who we will share a glass of Cava (Catalan Champagne) while we have a nice talk about his work and experiences.

For further information regarding cultural events available and reservations, do not hesitate to contact us at or directly calling us to the phone number +34 932 225 510. The team of experts in art and culture of Premium Traveler Barcelona will be thrilled to accompany you during your visit to the city and together we will design a route totally personalized for you: museums, walking-tours, or even discover Catalonia’s beautiful landscapes whether it’s flying over with an helicopter, by land in 4×4 or sailing across the Mediterranean sea. Everything is possible with us!





Without a doubt, Catalonia was the cradle of Modernism, a cultural, artistic and architectural movement that has left its mark on the current relief of the city of Barcelona, and that is that some of the most emblematic and visited buildings in the city…

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