Compelling reasons to choose to travel with our agency

Internet has it all, it is cheaper if I ride on my own, I can compare more options if I organize it by myself … These are the most frequent reasons that make you tend to organize a trip without an agency behind. But have you ever thought what would happen if you decided to count on a travel advisor to plan your getaway? Here are five reasons that may change your mind.

1. PRICE: It is probably one of the first values that we consider when we want to organize a trip. Having someone who plans the route can increase the cost of travel. In some cases it is true as intermediaries multiply and therefore also the cost, but we will show why in our case this doesn’t necessarily happen. We work with partners that give us cheaper and better conditions in their service rates, thus the price is the same as when you book by your own. In addition, you’ll have someone to turn to if you want to manage reservations, avoid queues, call under any unforeseen…

2. LOCAL KNOW-HOW: One of the added values that we give more importance when we offer our services is that we are born in Barcelona and know the city as locals. Our bet is to delve into the local culture for you to discover the most authentic parts of the city, avoiding the crowded áreas offered by tourist guides. Depending on your tastes, hobbies and the kind of trip you have in mind, we will find the best activities in the city to suit your personality.

3. FOR EVERY CLIENT AT ANY TIME: Another advantage of having a trip advisor in your journey is that there is a person available during 24 hours. Would you like to improvise a romantic dinner and don’t know what’s the best place to do so? Would you rather like to go to a private beach around the Costa Brava? Perhaps you have a problem with your Passport? We will organize the best plans and don’t understand about schedules or complications.

4. VIP TREATMENT: We are constantly in contact with the agents who accompany you during your stay and our aim is that your trip becomes as comfortable as possible. You will not suffer annoying queus, we will buy your tickets in advance, we can make reservations at restaurants with difficult availability … Our efforts will always make your trip as pleasant as posible, and most important, it will flow at the pace you choose.

5. TIME SAVING: Time is gold so why not use it only on what you really want? You will be part of the organization of your trip without it becoming a stress for you. We will compare prices of activities and route options. Therefere, your only job will be choosing what you feel like doing.

Did we convince you? Our priority is you and trust us, we want your stay to become the trip of your life. If you need more information about our services or you are thinking about planning your travel, contact us, our travel advisors will get you everything necessary to make your trip become a unique experience.





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