Wellness Stay in Barcelona

Especialmente diseñado para el bienestar, consiguiendo la total relajación, belleza y armonía entre el cuerpo y la mente.

You are staying in Barcelona and besides enjoying the best culture, eating in the finest restaurants and living the streets of the city, you want to relax during your vacations? Pay attention to the following spaces where you will travel through a world of senses.


The Hotel Omm is situated very close to one of the most luxurious avenues in Barcelona and its SPA, Spaciomm, is a center of relaxation and personal care, specially designed for wellness, beauty and harmony between body and mind. It is open every day and there is free access to both hotel guests and for those locals who want to take out the most of an urban oasis. The spa has a water circuit, specific therapies, facial and body treatments, a gravitational field, a pilates studio, fitness and hairdresser.

Hotel Alma

It is one of our favorite hotels in the city and, of course, it also has relaxation area. The SPA of the Alma hotel has a water area, a small fitness room and private cabins for specific beauty treatments. We recommend you to end up your wellness sessions with tea in the peaceful garden located in the ground floor. The wellness area is reserved for guests.

Private Yoga sessions with Veronica Blume

Her passion for this world is seen in each of her sessions, which conveys the deep respect she has for practice. Model Veronica Blume teaches yoga and offers private classes in her studio or in your hotel room. This practice will let you connect with your body and mind throughout all your stay in the city.

SHA Wellness

In order to live a full wellness experience and balance your body and mind, we suggest you to book a stay in SHA Wellness center. In a unique environment, guests enjoy luxurious facilities created in order to achieve the maximum comfort. The center is divided into the wellness area and the clinical area. The first one offers beauty treatments, massages, private lessons, fitness, mind and body disciplines and other specialized treatments. The clinical area has preventive medicine and genetics, nutrition and natural therapies, general medical services, healthy aging treatments, traditional Chinese medicine, a health energy unit, physiotherapy, dental care, sleep medicine and more. Overall, a scheduled stay in this center reveals a healthy and positive lifestyle centered in health and wellness. In this case, our team can manage your reservation in the center and let you know more about the activities that take place according to your needs.

If you are looking for a wellness stay or want to combine relax with a quick pace of your trip, please contact us and we will find the best place for you to enjoy a full well-being stay. Please contact us through info@mimusa.pro.





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