We organized a magical event in an emblematic building

Luxury experience for the best clients of Societé Generale

The event that we want to introduce today is a petition from Societé Generale, a French bank that called us to organize a dinner in Barcelona for its top clients. It was a challenge as such discerning attendees, who have probably tried menus in the best restaurants and visited the most stunning spaces are not easy to surprise with.

The WOW effect was a must, both thanks to the venue and the gastronomy. The idea was to choose an emblematic place in the city, decorated for the occasion, with exquisite service and a menu that could fit all palates but which would mainly represent Spanish culture. After many visits, we opted for a cocktail and dinner in La Llotja de Mar, a building that represents the city commerce but which is not open to the public and, therefore, an excluisve place to host an event.

After picking up the guests at the hotel, we started the evening with a cocktail in the outside area, with appetizers from the Le Chef catering and guided visits to the building, a unique opportunity to discover what is hidden behind the walls of Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce.

We then guided the clients to the Contracts Hall, a clear and open space, lightened for the occasion and in which we dressed up squared tables for the 200 guests. The dinner became an opportunity to enjoy of a distended and pleasant evening away from formalisms.

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Dinner under the stars

We had prepared this experience for a long time but we were not able to enjoy it until last week. We are talking about one of those places where you feel privileged due to the limited access of the entry and where the stars have to line up in order to enjoy an incredible experience. Well, stars are precisely what we are talking about