Hope for a new Life

The Social Vision Photographic Foundation has created activities that include workshops and visits

World Press Photo, the most important photojournalism and one of our favorites exhibitions, is opening in Barcelona with its 59th edition . With 155 winning photos chosen by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation, it always wants to search for a debate around international issues and conflicts creating a better understanding of the world throught high-quality press photography.

This year, the jury selected the finalists from 82,951 photos made by 5,775 photographers from 128 different countries. The winner photography is called Hope for a New Life from the Australian photographer Warren Richardson. In it we can see how a baby is given, through a hole in a wire barrier, to a Sirian refugee who had been able to cross the Serbian frontier in Hungary.

Due to the important response of this exhibition, the Photographic Social Vision Foundation has created activities which include workshops and guided visits in order to generate a debate from the value of the works done in photojournalism.

World Press Photo – November 10th to December 11th – CCCB




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