Combine your weekend in la Costa Brava with a concert in Cap Roig

Disfruta de la mejor música durante tus vacaciones

Many artists choose Barcelona as the perfect setting for their summer concerts and many festivals also decide to bring together international singers from different musical registers for their performances in the area. Today we want to recommend another appointment we have marked on our agenda which we believe is essential for a summer night.

Cap Roig Festival introduces its new edition with concerts that will last until August 17th. It is a musical encounter that gathers both local and international artists in a luxury location, la Costa Brava. A stunning natural setting of 17 hectares in one of the most important botanical gardens in the Mediterranean hosts an outdoor setting with seating for 2118 spectators. In addition, the origins of the castle and garden date back to 1927, with almost 100 years of history.

This year’s lineup includes names like Rod Stewart, Rosario, Antonio Orozco, Alejandro Sanz, Love of Lesbian or The Corrs among others and to enjoy a VIP experience, we propose the following combination. We will start dining on the terrace, overlooking the sea and in the Gastronomic restaurant Via Veneto (a classic in Barcelona that has also moved its kitchens to this festival), tasting its most emblematic dishes combined with typical products of the Empordà and the best wines. Later on, we will enjoy the concert in the VIP area, the perfect seating for the best music.

We also propose to combine a concert at Cap Roig with accommodation for a few days in the Empordà or la Costa Brava. Our selection of hotels and villas are chosen for you to enjoy the best of the area, either by the sea or in the countryside.

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