Classics renovate but never die

La Dama, much more than a restaurant, is a space full of rooms decorated in a style that follows the classic Art Nouveau

Today we want to introduce you a classic in Barcelona whose three owners decided to renovate a few months ago. Located on the mezzanine floor of the Sayrach House, an emblematic building of Barcelona’s modernism, the staff is always willing to get everything ready to make you feel like home. We are talking about La Dama, much more than a restaurant, it is a new concept filled up with rooms decorated following the classic Art Nouveau style but with a twist that fits the XXIst century perfectly.

There are no schedules or specific reasons to have an appointment in one of these spaces. We started the night with a vermouth at the lobby bar and finished the second glass in one of the tables distributed among its 4 lounges while we waited for the first course. The kitchen wants to pay tribute to the classic dishes hard to find in modern menus and among many proposals we highlight plates that recall the French savoir faire as a sea rod with caviar, oysters, lobster, assorted Italian sausages, the rillete duck or meat cuts such as chateaubriand and an appetizing cotoletta Milanese. Our decision? 3 delicious courses to start with and a breathtaking fresh fish as a main course. We finished the meal with a drink in the cocktail bar while enjoying the music.

La Dama has an open kitchen from 1pm to 2am and we believe that from now on we will always find an excuse to approach this place. For us, it has become synonymous of this Barcelona that doesn’t judge according to social class but never loses the style nor the desire to have fun! For more information and reservations call 93 209 63 28 and tell them you are our friends!




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