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Sailing and Mediterranean Experiences

In Barcelona we enjoy the sun 300 days a year and from March until November, the sea is also a great way to experience the good weather. Thus, in Premium Traveler Barcelona we have searched for the best ships to enjoy the Mediterranean in the best possible way. Here are 5 activities that will allow you to sail along our local culture.

Sailing to coastal vineyards & wine tasting

On board a 15 meter wooden sailboat can become the perfect way to get to one of the oldest wine regions in Spain. There, we reach a family owned wine cellar that gathers Mediterranean organic wines. Expert sommeliers will welcome you and tour you around the vineyards and wine cellars that gather thousands of liters of organic wines and cavas. End the visit with a wine tasting.


Sailing to coastal vineyards wine tasting2 (1)


Become a fisherman for a day

Have you ever tried fishing or would love to experience an open water “catch and release” activity?  With our expert guide you will learn this technique of catching maritime species and giving them back to the sea. Starting from Barcelona’s old harbour, you will travel along the coast until you reach open water where he will immerse you into the local singularities of our fishing culture and the maritime species in the area.



Traditional vermouth on board

During your visit, you will probably taste our local gastronomical selection. Then, how about experiencing them on board? By anchoring in front of Barcelona’s coast, you will able to swim, snorkel, relax, sunbath and enjoy the city’s skyline while tasting our typical aperitif wine called “vermouth” mixed with a selection of local cheese, chips and olives.


Traditional vermouth aperitif on board2

Traditional vermouth aperitif on board1


Ronda salada

One of the most beautiful things to do in La Costa Brava is to walk along the Camí de Ronda, a magnificent trail that traces the coast and which leads to small beaches. The great thing about it is that most of these places remain breathtaking because you can only reach them by boat or by foot. Therefore, by combining both options during this activity, you will be able to discover the area from the sea and by land.

Ronda salada2

Ronda salada1

The northern coast and its caves

Whenever the weather is good for a swim, we would definitely choose to visit Roses harbour, located in the northern coast of Catalonia. Its natural cliffs and crystal clear waters encourage you to sail along the small caves and anchor on some of these small beaches that only a few can reach. We will offer you an on board meal while you snorkel this coastal paradise!


The northern coast and its caves

The northern coast and its caves2

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