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Boat Cruise on the Guadalquivir River

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In the olden days, Seville Guadalquivir River was frequented by witches, gypsies, merchants and sailors. Unfortunately for the witches, they were being taken to the San Jorge castle, home of the Spanish Inquisition. Only the most beautiful gypsy women would ride with the boatman across to their daily work at the tobacco factory. Merchants came upriver from the Atlantic Ocean, and sailors milled around the docks, eagerly awaiting the call of captains such as Christopher Columbus, ready to embark on dangerous voyages in search of new lands and treasures. Once we reach the dock, our captain will welcome us on board a luxury 11 seater cruise boat. We will take our seats on comfortable sofas. The boat offers 360º views, and has awnings and plastic windows in the event of wind, rain or strong sun. Cruising quietly along, we will enjoy views of numerous emblematic landmarks such as the Triana bridge, the bullring and the San Telmo palace to name but a few.

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