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French Basque Coast Tour

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First, we will visit Hendaia, which has the longest beach in the Basque Country. After a short stroll along the beach promenade, we will depart to Saint Jean de Luz through the beautiful coastal “La Corniche Road”. Saint Jean de Luz, former Basque Corsairs’ capital, is a small fishing village that became rich in the 16th century from fishing and whaling. Then we will head to Biarritz, one of the poshest beach resorts of the Basque Coast. It is a luxurious seaside town, very popular with tourists and surfers. Finally, we will visit Hondarribia, one of the few fortified towns in the Basque Country. Its walls give a special appearance by evoking an epic past and by impregnating every corner, alley and square with aromas, flavors and sounds that take us back to other times.

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