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Txakoli Wine and Cheese Tour

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On the hills of the beautiful Txakoli wine region we can find the vineyards of the charming family owned winery we will be visiting. We will discover their famed Txakoli wines, made with local grape varieties that grow on terraces overlooking the sea. After learning about the special production way of this wine, we will taste the wine accompanied by local tuna, chilli peppers and “chorizo”. Then we will be just about ready for lunch. It will be by the sea, in one of the typical grilled fish restaurants at the harbor of the captivating fishing town of Getaria. Before lunch, we will go into town and take pleasure in a relaxing stroll through the enchanting medieval streets of the center, and the picturesque color and charm of the fisherman’s houses. As dessert, we will savor the exceptional quality of another culinary icon of the area, Idiazábal cheese. We will visit a traditional artisan cheese producer high in the rolling Basque hills. The owner will show us around, we will take an intimate insight into the production, followed by a cheese tasting of six different artisans.

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