Fancy go sailing in a magnificent sailboat along the coast of Barcelona?

Barcelona Sailing Experience

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Definitely a great opportunity to relax, connect with the sea, sunbathe, swim and enjoy the Mediterranean… A very refreshing experience that is worth living. During the boat ride, we will enjoy one of the most surprising and attractive panoramic views of the city, passing in front of some of the most representative beaches and harbors along the coast. The captain will talk us about the Mediterranean, the relationship between the city and the sea and all those curiosities that can only be seen from the sea. All this will be accompanied with an aperitif and a glass of cava or drink. The trips can be done in the morning, at midday​ or in the afternoon. The afternoon is an ideal time for anyone who wants to enjoy the sunset from the sea and watch the interesting play of colors that the sunset over the city produces. After the boat ride, we suggest you to have lunch or dinner at a rice and fish restaurant near the harbor and with sea views as the culmination of a wonderful Mediterranean day.

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