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Barcelona Design Tour

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Barcelona is world famous as a city that emanates culture, creativity, art, music, trends and design, elements that combine and interact to trace the particular style of an international brand. In the last 25 years, the city has become one of the favorite bases of operation for architects, designers, photographers, illustrators and creative professionals from all over the world. Adding to the talent already in place, as well as the legacy of universal artists such as Gaudí, Miró, Tàpies and Brossa – to name but a few – these artistic professionals have turned design into one of Barcelona’s signs of identity. With the Barcelona Design Tour, always accompanied by an expert guide in design and by private vehicle, we will submerge in Barcelona’s design culture, and we will visit a collection of the actors and elements that make up the city’s design sector, such as main entities, premises, schools, hotels, bars, restaurants, fashion shops and bookstores, as well as other important locations that can help you to understand why Barcelona has become one of the design capitals of the world.

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