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The South of Catalonia offers an amazing variety of experiences for couples, families or groups of friends, everyone will enjoy this amazing trip. During these days we will visit the area of el Priorat, together with ‘’La Rioja’’ the ones that produce the best wines of Spain, by the hand of local sommeliers we will learn why . We will also get to explore the famous Delta del Ebro, a house for more than 300 different species of birds, a visit to la Catedral del Vi, an iconic building from one of Gaudí disciples. An area that is getting more popular every year due to the good experience that the tourists have when they visit it.


Monastery Visit / Wine Tasting

This morning, our private driver will pick us up at the hotel in Barcelona and take us to El Priorat,  (one and a half hour drive) one of only two wine regions in Spain qualified as DOCa, the highest qualification level for a wine region, along with La Rioja. Our first stop will be at Monastery of Poblet founded in 1150 a royal pantheon of the kings of the Crown of Aragon where we will meet our local guide who is going to take us around this unique and historic monument. After the visit to the Monastery our driver will drive though the Prades Mountains to our Hotel, an amazing route with little towns where we are going to stop to get some lunch at a local restaurant before we get to our exceptional hotel in the Montsant Natural Park where we going to have a wine tasting in the afternoon before an incredible gastronomic experience for dinner at the hotels restaurant.


Winery Tour

The Priorat is a historic Mediterranean region with an ancient winemaking tradition, so this morning, we will start with a complete breakfast at the hotel and then go to visit some of the most emblematic wine cellars of the area. Our professional sommelier will take us through the winemaking process before we start a wine tasting. Later on we’ll visit some charming villages like, Porrera, Escaladell, Vilella Baixa…, Then head back to the Hotel to enjoy the afternoon, relaxing with some Spa treatments.


E-Bike Tour

This day we suggest a bit more of accion, we’ll go for an E-Bike Tour route around the Prades Mountain, starting from the hotel and exploring the paths that go through the national park all the way to a lake where we will stop to have a picnic lunch in the middle of nature. Later in the afternoon we’ll have some free time at leisure and in the evening  a wonderful dinner at a Siurana Restaurant.


River Tour/ La catedral del vi

After four amazing days around el Priorat we going to move south to the famous Delta de L’Ebre, the Spanish largest wetland and home to a rich flora and fauna that also offers plenty of fun activities for all ages, on the way we going to stop in Asco, a little town next to Ebro river where our captain will be waiting to take us along the river to show and explain us about the history of the conexion that the river has with the villages while we do some wine tasting. Then for lunch we are going to drive down the river to La Catedral del Vi, a cooperative building of the Modernist style from the early twentieth century designed by Cèsar Martinell, a direct disciple of Antoní Gaudí.


Delta del Ebro

A full day tour around the Delta, in the morning will be picked up from our hotel, and we will head to visit a mussel and oyster farm in the middle of the sea as we taste a selection of seafood fresh out of the local waters, later for lunch time we going to stop at a local restaurant next to the river to have an amazing paella made with the famous local rice and then head to Buda Island, in the heart of the delta, an ornithological paradise where you can see most of  the 300 bird species that live in el Delta. The tour will conclude at the vast marshland area of L’Encanyissada in the early evening period before heading back to the hotel.


Tortosa / Michelin Star Restaurant

This morning we will head to see the Tuna fish farms , where we will be able to observe them in their habitat while you feed them and swim among hundreds of wild bluefin tuna, a unique experience by the hand of professional dive instructors. And in the afternoon we going to visit Tortosa, an emblematic town, and capital of the area with more than 2400 years of history, we will see the cathedral, the old town, the jewish quarter, the Suda Castle, for a magnificent view of the city and to finish, the markets, after this tour we will head back to the hotel to enjoy dinner at their michelin star restaurant before we leave this amazing area in the south of Catalonia.


Tarragona Tour / End of the trip

Time to get back to Barcelona, but on the way we are going to stop in a very interesting place, Tarragona. We will Travel 2000 years back in time to the days of the Roman Empire, to see where the gladiators once clashed in combat at the well-preserved Roman Amphitheatre. We will walk through Caballeros Street, until we reach the main street and then the Cathedral. We will continue to the Forum Square, which is very lively (ideal for a “vermut”). After the Tour, we are going to meet our driver who is going to take us to have lunch at a local Masia before we end this amazing 7 days trip around the South area of Catalonia. In the afternoon we will arrive back at our hotel in Barcelona…

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